Backflow Prevention

The water that supplies your irrigation system comes from the same water lines that supply your house with water for all of your domestic use.  Since the soil in your landscape contains organic matter, microbes, fertilizers and other potentially harmful chemicals, the EPA has mandated that all irrigation systems be equipped with an RPZ (reduced pressure zone) backflow prevention device.  This device prevents the water in your sprinkler system from mixing with the water in your house and with the city’s main water line.

Imagine that there is a fire in your neighborhood and that the fire department is using massive amounts of water to extinguish the fire.  This could result in reducing the pressure in the city water line to a level lower than the pressure in the lines in your sprinkler system.  Without a backflow prevention device, the water in your sprinkler system could back-siphon into the pipes in your house and even into the city’s water main.

Illinois and your city/village require that the RPZ on your irrigation system, pool, boiler, etc. is tested annually by a CCCDI. licensed plumber to ensure that it is working properly.  This test is mandatory – not optional.  Advanced Sprinkler Systems, Inc. has licensed professionals on staff who can test, certify and service your RPZ for you.

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