Now more than ever before, the need to conserve water and optimize watering efficiency is an absolute must for irrigation systems.  By incorporating the most water-efficient heads, nozzles and emitters, and with the latest weather-based controllers, our systems will save water, save money and improve the health of your entire landscape.


When we arrive at your house to install our system in your existing landscape, the first thing we’ll do is remove the existing sod where we will be digging our trenches. Next, we will lay out plywood boards to protect your grass and plants in the areas on either side of our trench. We’ll begin digging a trench in which we’ll install the main line, control wires, lateral lines and sprinklers. As the installation progresses, we will install the system controller in a convenient location.


In most installations, we get water for your system by tapping into the main water line near your water meter. Usually this is in the basement. We may have to shut your water off for a period of time to allow us to cut into the water line and install the irrigation system shutoff valve and boiler drain for winterizing the system. We will bring the supply line out of the house and install the RPZ device (backflow preventor) outside.

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