Maintenance & Repair

System Startup

In spring we will contact you to arrange for our technician to come to your house and re-establish the water to your system. Each station of the system will be tested and minor adjustments or repairs will be made. If more time consuming repairs are required, a return visit will be made.

RPZ Certification

After the startup is complete but before you actually start using your system, we will make arrangements to have your system’s RPZ certified by one of our on-staff licensed backflow specialists. This certification is required by law on an annual basis.

System Winterization

Since irrigation systems are not installed below the freeze line (48″ deep), it is very important to winterize your system to prevent major freeze damage as temperatures dip below freezing. Each fall we will send you a reminder that it’s time to winterize your system. Contact us to schedule this important service. When we get to your house, we will shut off the water to the irrigation system, drain the line between the main shutoff and the RPZ and blow compressed air through each line in the system to help prevent freeze damage.

Repair Service

From time to time damage to a sprinkler can occur. If you have a problem, simply call our service department at 847-433-0011 and we will take care of it promptly – usually the same or next day.

System Expansion

As your landscape matures or changes, your system may need to be modified or expanded. We can evaluate your system, review your landscape modification plans and modify your irrigation system to accommodate your changing needs.

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